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ENERGI Pneumatic Quick Adjust Sit/Stand Table 36" Round

  • Single Lever Adjustment. No tool required to adjust.
  • Adjusts from 29" - 40.5"H (with casters installed).
  • An innovation for educators and in the office, the ENERGI Quick Adjust table permits infinitely variable height adjustment.
  • This mobile table is infinitely height-adjustable and changes height as fast as you can stand up or sit down.
  • A gas cylinder silently lifts the table and allows for standing work height.
  • Standard locking casters make this a great table for flexible environments. Stationary Glides are included as well.
  • Small Meeting Table: Ideal for small, informal discussion areas.
  • Short discussions can be held standing up or sitting down.
  • Enables the teacher and students to easily change posture from sitting to standing, an ergonomically sound principle, as well as adapting to the specific requirements of each teacher and each class.
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Pneumatic Quick Adjust Sit/Stand Table 36" Round

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