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In Stock Mobile Tote Tray Storage by ENERGI™

Our all-new mobile tote tray storage unit is an indispensable addition to today's classrooms, offering unmatched versatility and organization. Its compact yet robust design allows for easy maneuverability, adapting easily to varying classroom layouts. Each tray provides ample space for storing a diverse array of educational materials, promoting efficient access and tidy storage. Built to withstand the rigors of daily classroom use, this unit ensures durability and reliability, enhancing the learning space for both teachers and students alike.

  • Holds: 40 - 3" Trays.

  • 40 Tote trays are included.

  • Tote trays are translucent.

  • Overall Unit Size: 60"W x 22"D x 48"H.

  • Oversize, Heavy Duty Locking Casters.

  • Quad Metal Frame Side Supports.

  • Dual Metal Support Braces on underside.

  • Maple/Silver/Silver color combo.

  • IN - STOCK for fast shipping.


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