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The Trade West Team. Dedicated. Passionate.

We are a unique Canadian supplier of innovative furniture and interior building products for School, Workplace and Social Spaces.

Our focus is to provide our clients with a complete solution and to surpass their expectations through unparalleled customer service and product accessibility. 

Our goal is to make next generation work-space an achievable reality for all current and prospective clients.

P. 800-567-9998 x221

E. danielle@tradewest.ca

Reception | Customer Care

Danielle D.

P. 800-567-9998 x227

E. jay@tradewest.ca

Corporate Office Furnishings

Higher Education Furnishings

Space Planning & Design

Sales Mgr | Project Delivery

Jay H.

P. 800-567-9998 x234

E. ye.zhang@tradewest.ca

Order Processing

Ye Z.

P. 800-567-9998 x223

E. jamie@tradewest.ca

K-12 Education Furnishings

Hospitality Furnishings

General Manager

Jamie H.

P. 800-567-9998 x226

E. walter@tradewest.ca

Healthcare Furnishings

Architecural Building Specialties

Commercial Window Shades

Sales | Project Delivery

Walt C.

P. 800-567-9998 x222

E. jim@tradewest.ca


Jim H.

P. 800-567-9998 x229

E. bob@tradewest.ca

Marketing Mgr | Media

Bobby H.

P. 800-567-9998 x230

E. lionel@tradewest.ca


Warehouse Operations

Shipping & Receiving Coordinator

Operations Manager

Lionel P. 

P. 800-567-9998 x228

Operations Team | Install

Anders U.

P. 800-567-9998 x228

Operations Team | Foreman

Chris M.

P. 800-567-9998 x228

Operations Team | Install

Laurie F.

P. 800-567-9998 x228

Operations Team | Install

Chance M.

P. 800-567-9998

Finance Assistant

Taneille H.

P. 800-567-9998 x228

Operations Team | Install

Hunter P.

P. 800-567-9998 x228

Operations Team | Install

Cole P.

P. 800-567-9998

Graphic Art Director

Tamara M.

P. 800-567-9998 x225

E. chris@tradewest.ca

Estimator | Sales Support

Chris H.

P. 800-567-9998 x232

E. hunter@tradewest.ca


Hunter H.