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Teaming Tables with Power Charging Outlets ▼

Today's students are more connected than ever, and like all of us, they need a spot to recharge the devices they rely on! ENERGI™ Teaming Tables with Power are just the thing they need to conveniently plug in for a few minutes during their busy day. Placed strategically in public lounge settings, these Charging Bars rapidly become a Hot Spot for students on the fly - and hey maybe even for teachers too! For more information contact us at 1-800-567-9998 or reach out to us at and follow us @tradewestedu


ENERGI Ratio Flip Top Tables ▼

Make any Learning Space more functional and multipurpose with our Mobile Flip Top Tables. Literally rearrange your classroom single-handedly in minutes - just flip up the tops and roll them out of the way! For more information on these and our other innovative classroom products please visit us at - Call toll free 18005679998 or check us out @tradewestedu


Flexible Space - Classroom Layouts ▼

A refreshing family of products that allows for dynamic groupings in today's active classrooms. Student desks that can stand alone or be grouped together. Standing height desks. Shaped tables for collaborative work. All this and much more at or call for further assistance and ideas at 1-800-567-9998


Waiting to see the Principal? Hallway Seating ▼

All schools need nice looking, durable and comfortable hallway seating that is easy for maintenance staff to clean around. Check out the win win win Flexible Seating solution that Trade West has for your school at or call 1-800-567-9998 for more information.


Improve Concentration with Healthy Movement ▼

Getting comfortable in the classroom is not a luxury, it's part of creating an environment where successful learning can take place!  We can all benefit from some Healthy Movement in our work space, by making the that space more activity permissive. ZUMA™ rockers are one of the tools that teaching professionals have proven to be beneficial to students, and correctly applied, may assist with ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom. For more information see or call 1-800-567-9998


Quick-Adjust Sit Stand Table ▼

Multi-purpose furniture in today's classrooms is a win/win for all involved; students, teachers, available space, and the budget! Our Quick Adjust sit to stand classroom table is no exception! Stand up for engaging project group work or lower it down for study and desk work. This table is excellent for rooms that are shared by different grade levels too! Raise it for the seniors - lower it for the juniors - just a simple lever operation - no tools required. Visit or call for more information 1-800-567-9998


Quick-Adjust Sit Stand Student Desk ▼

A must for every classroom! The Quick Adjust sit to stand student desk gives the teacher an awesome additional solution for working with students that may benefit from standing up for part of the day. The Quick Adjust feature (no tools required) means it can be reset for different students during the day, allowing many to benefit from just one or two of these units in the classroom. Teachers may also choose to use the Quick Adjust desk as a podium to present from, adding to its multi-purpose value! For more information, visit us at or call 1-800-567-9998


Stacking Bucket Lounge Chairs ▼

An innovative and practical lounge chair for classrooms and collaborative areas like libraries and multipurpose rooms. Very comfortable for a casual group meeting or simply reading a book, and when you're done, just stack em' up out of the way. Ideal for the school environment. For more information visit us at or call us at 1-800-567-9998


Sit-Stand Cog Shape Activity Table ▼

Make a good thing better! Today's teachers love our shaped classroom tables because they allow them to implement a variety of different teaching styles and strategies during the day. Many of the shapes and sizes are now available with a Standing Height option and can be made Mobile as well! This is a huge advantage, as teachers and students are proving the benefits of standing to work for a portion of the day. The classroom has never been more flexible or accommodating! Visit us at or call 1-800-567-9998


Stacking ZUMA Cantilever Student Chairs ▼

The classroom chair that does it all - allows for a true healthy, flexing motion when seated, nests properly on student desks or table tops for convenient storage, and last but not least - it stacks perfectly! Coming from the highly popular ZUMA™ family of chairs, this newest member combines the best of all features the market is demanding. Available in a broad range of sizes and colors, this is truly the chair of 21st century learning environments. For more information, please visit us at or call us at 1-800-567-9998


Sit Stand Swingbar Student Desk ▼

This dynamic desk is a winner in today's classrooms! It allows teachers to offer healthy movement to students who may benefit from it during the school day. Applied properly by a teaching professional, it may assist in helping ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom. This desk benefits the student in both standing up to work and allowing for some pendulum footrest movement to reduce pent up energy. For more information visit or call 1-800-567-9998


Zuma Rockers - In Motion, In Action ▼

An affordable rocker chair geared towards active students in the classroom application. ZUMA ROCKERS are proven winners, giving students healthy movement in the classroom which contributes to increased attention and an enhanced learning environment. Applied properly to the need by a teaching professional, the ZUMA ROCKERS may assist in treating ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom. visit or call us at 1-800-567-9998


Mobile Standing Height Student Desk ▼

Stand Up Desks are proven winners in the classroom environment - now they are mobile too! We would all benefit from standing up a bit more in our work space, but this is most obvious in the classroom setting - giving today's students the flexible option of standing to work is having a substantially positive impact on their attention levels and performance. Standing Height student desks applied properly to the need by a teaching professional may assist in treating ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom. For more innovative classroom products visit us at or for more information call 1-800-567-9998


Electric Height Tables ▼

Quickly and quietly move from sitting to standing position at your workstation with ENERGi sit to stand motorized tables. With multi position memory and a easy to use control you will give you back a break more often than ever before! Stand up, clear your mind, and stay focused on the task at hand! Watch this video for a demonstration of the new and easy to use phone charger option on ENERGi tables  -  1-800-567-9998


ZBOOM Shape Student Desk ▼

21st century classrooms are all about flexible products, healthy movement, and activity permissive space. The boomerang shaped ZBOOM student desk paired with the ZUMA student chair is a hard to beat combination! The ZBOOM desk comes with a variety of book storage options and is now available in a matching stand up model. the ZUMA chair comes in 4 sizes and a broad range of colors to compliment any decor.  1-800-567-9998


9018 w/785 Desk ▼

The perfect combination of quality and value for today's active classrooms - 9000 series stack chairs and the 785 adjustable student desk with book storage. 1-800-567-9998


SWINGBAR Student Desks - sit/stand ▼

A unique student desk allowing for healthy movement in the classroom! The swinging pendulum motion of the footrest has been proven to be beneficial to those needing to burn off nervous energy, making way for greater concentration. Applied properly to the need by a teaching professional, the swing bar desk can be a valuable tool for ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom.  1-800-567-9998


ANALOGY Cantilever Chairs ▼

A contemporary cantilever style classroom chair for today's progressive learning environments. The Analogy chair has a large family of complimenting seating products which makes for a coordinated look in school facilities. Shown with the ZBOOM adjustable student desk.  1-800-567-9998


ENERGi Beam Seating ▼

A Hi Performance decorative metal bench for high traffic public seating areas. The powder coated metal finish is attractive while withstanding the use and abuse of unsupervised public space. Great for schools and colleges where seating in the corridors is necessary. Energi benches have minimal floor contact points which makes it easy for maintenance personnel to clean around - a win/win!   1-800-567-9998


EN855, EN427, EN807 Series Lounge Chairs ▼

A comfortable and economical soft seating solution for public spaces. These hard-wearing Lounge Chairs work well in administrative areas as well as school libraries and corridor commons areas. Easy to clean and easy to clean around !   1-800-567-9998


ENERGi Flip Top Tables ▼

ENERGi Flip Top tables are a must have product for training rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms and any other room where you need to switch it up quickly and efficiently for multipurpose use. Simply fold and roll - a one person task - no heavy lifting required. ENERGi tables have mechanical latching in both positions for safe and secure operation. Available in many sizes and colors.   1-800-567-9998


Activity Table Leg Assembly ▼

A quick "how to" video showing the assembly method for Virco activity tables commonly used in schools and colleges. The top shape and size may vary, but the basic assembly procedure will be the same.  Components shown here are from the Virco 4000 series table line.   1-800-567-9998


Adjustable Sit Stand Desk ▼

A Sit to Stand student desk that can be quickly and easily adjusted in the classroom without tools. This awesome piece assists teaching professionals who are trying to provide a more practical solution for the different learning methods present in the 21st century classroom. The Sit to Stand desk in the video is paired with an adjustable motion stool that allows the user some healthy movement or a place to "perch" while using the desk in it's stand up position.  Correctly applied by a qualified teaching professional, the Energi sit to stand desk is an excellent tool for assisting with ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom.  1-800-567-9998


ZUMA Swivel Task Seating ▼

An adjustable mobile lab task chair for schools, post secondary colleges and universities. The ZUMA ZTASK chair comes from a large family of complimenting products for that consistent look in your facility! Mobile task chairs can be used in many applications and have been proven to provide that extra little bit of healthy swiveling movement that students can benefit from. ZTASK chairs can be used with the mobile rollers or stationary "bell glide" feet for those who prefer the chairs to stay in their place. Correctly applied by a qualified teaching professional, the ZTASK can be a useful tool for treating ADD and ADHD conditions in the classroom. 1-800-567-9998


ZUMA Rocking Chairs ▼

ZUMA rocker chairs are changing the face of the classroom! 21st century classroom are all about healthy movement and activity permissive space - this is where the ZROCKER shines! Properly applied to the need by a teaching professional for ADD and ADHD, the ZUMA rocker has proven itself as an excellent aid in reducing fidgeting and nervous energy in the classroom. Solutions for every child! 1-800-567-9998


ZUMA Stacking Chairs ▼

A high quality hardworking stack chair for schools, post secondary colleges and universities. The ZUMA stack chair comes from a large family of complimenting products that allow for a consistent look throughout the facility. Strength and Good Looks - a winning combination!  Available in 4 sizes and a full range of colors.  1-800-567-9998


TEXT Desk  w/ZUMA Seating ▼

A dynamic duo for today's classroom setting - More comfortable furniture that last longer - A situation where everyone wins..... students, parents, teachers, facilities, and administration! The TEXT desk comes in a wide range of sizes with multiple book storage options. The ZUMA chairs are available in 4 sizes and a broad range of colors to suit any decor. 21st century classrooms are offering the students a better learning experience, and being comfortable is one of the components! 1-800-567-9998


iWOW High Performance Task Chair ▼

Strength and Good Looks - a winning combination in this Hi Performance Task Chair. The iWOW is fully adjustable and has the ergonomic features to get you just right. Works well in task or executive seating applications and has the looks to compliment any office space!   Shop now:   


9018 Classic Stacking Chairs ▼

Schools, colleges, universities, churches, gymnasiums, cafe's, restaurants, coffee shops, community centers, arenas, convention centers, town halls, cruise ships, airports, hospitals, care homes, shopping malls, stadiums, soccer fields, arcades, fairgrounds, hotels............ The 9018 classic series stack chairs are everywhere!
with a timeless design and strong construction, this chair is great value for money. Available in 5 sizes and a broad range of colors, the 9018 chairs makes an excellent investment.