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Hand Sanitizer Stations by Trade West

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are important for reducing the spread of germs and viruses. The UBT Shield works with a foot-activated pedal so there is no contact with hands in dispensing the hand sanitizer. Available for Ordering ONLINE at Trade West.

As organisations work to protect employees and customers during the COVID-19 crisis and prepare to welcome employees and customers back, hand sanitizer dispensers are most important. This battery-free, pedal-activated hand sanitizer stand by Trade West is an easy, flexible, and reliable fit for any space.

Key Benefits

Sanitary: No contact with hands in dispensing sanitizer.

Built to last: Made from durable steel and aluminium.

Low maintenance: No batteries required.

Easy to clean: Powder-coated finish is easy to wipe and clean.

Flexibility: The unit can be placed anywhere -- no installation required.

Wide-compatibility: Accommodates most pump-top hand sanitizer bottles from 8 oz to 32 oz (details below).

Zero Touch, Zero Contamination.

Wide Compatibility

The UBT shield is built to accommodate a wide range of pump-top dispensers from 8 oz to 32 oz. The inside diameter of the tube is 4.25 inches.

Easy Maintenance

Many hand sanitizer dispensers require batteries. The UBT Shield eliminates the expense, headache, and interruption of having to replace batteries. With easy access to replace an empty pump-top dispenser, maintenance is quick and easy.

The UBT Shield is also made with a steel base and a durable powder-coated aluminium cylinder. With no plastic parts to break or crack, this industrial-grade hand sanitizer dispenser is build to last and work every time.

Markets, Facilities and Industries

Touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers by Trade West make a great addition in a wide range of industries, including: Retail, Restaurants, Museums, Schools and Universities, Commercial offices, Banks, Theatres, Entertainment venues, Airports, Transit Stations, Healthcare Centres, Shopping Malls, Libraries and more.


Materials: Steel and aluminium

Height: 39.3"

Tube outside diameter: 4.5"

Tube inside diameter: 4.25"

Base diameter: 13"

Weight: 19 lbs

Peace of mind backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


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