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Rock into the new School Year with our awesome range of VIRCO ZUMA ROCKERS! The addition of the new and ultimately hip VIRCO FLOOR ROCKERS was a welcome breath of fresh air to the classroom FLEX SEATING segment. We finally have a high quality, comfortable, commercial grade seating product in the floor rocker category for you! No more “big box” disposable products that your district will frown on you using in you classroom reading corners. You can now buy something they will most likely approve of, if not recommend! Motion Seating is not a gimmick, we have seen the benefits proven in hundreds of students learning careers because they were appropriately fitted by an educational professional with the MOTION SEATING they required to stay focused and on task! What a win - win - win for the students, parents, and teachers! WIGGLE CUSHIONS, MOTION STOOLS and ROCKER CHAIRS all give that little bit of dynamic FLEX SEATING motion to the student that may help dissipate nervous energy in a way that doesn’t interrupt others. Watch the videos of them in action and/or order them here and now at


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