We Can All Benefit from Standing up a Bit More in Our Work Environment

Whether we are in the workplace parked at a workstation desk or in a classroom sitting at a student desk, we all need a stand up place we can transition to for a period of time to reduce back strain caused by poor sitting posture, poor seating options or just simply just a WAY TO GET THE WIGGLES OUT!

Stand Up Desks or Sit To Stand Desks are an awesome and relatively inexpensive way to solve these issues. For the office environment, Motorized Sit to Stand Desks are the best option as they offer both working position within the one piece of furniture – this is an obvious space and expense saver! This allows the user to move from sitting to stand up working height in just seconds at the touch of a button. In the Classroom setting the VIRCO ZBOOMSU desks are the cat’s pajamas! Placing a couple of these STAND UP STUDENT DESKS in the back of the classroom gives the teacher another indispensable tool to assist in CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. This way students can be rotated throughout the day (or as needed) at the determination of the teacher. Having a place for student to stand up to work is a home run solution and in high demand by teachers who are implementing FLEX-ED concepts with FLEX SEATING PRODUCTS. STAND UP CLASSROOM TABLES are also a great way to create a stand up work place for small groups to work at. Put a STAND UP CLASSROOM TABLE in your classroom and create another space “WHERE LEARNING TAKES PLACE”