Launching the New ENERGi™ COG Ottoman

We are pleased to launch the new ENERGi™ COG ottoman. This latest addition to the Soft Seating Ottoman line is going to be great! This uniquely shaped piece is very reconfigurable, allowing for multiple set up options and it works in conjunction with the ENERGi™ BENCH and ARC modules too!

Making your public seating area more dynamic has never been easier or faster than with this attractive collection of seating modules. You don’t need to tear down the walls or head into some expensive renovation project, just make it better by adding some comfortable functional modular furniture that fits the need! 

“Where Does Learning Take Place”? It’s an interesting question, but we have seen over and over again that when you provide a comfortable seating area for the students, it becomes one of those places; and a preferred one at that! Repurposing space within schools is a great way to develop a Learning Commons area within a budget – A new environment that everyone can enjoy.


Learning Commons are achievable @tradewestedu! Because we are Refreshing Space!