ENERGiā„¢ will be Releasing its TEAMING TABLE Range

ENERGi™ will be releasing its TEAMING TABLE range shortly and is pleased to announce it will be adding power and data options. This means that by adding Teaming Tables to your Public Seating Area or Learning Commons you will now be creating a “Charging Station” for the growing mass of electronic devices that always seem to need a boost! 

Teaming Tables are meant for collaborative work in a more contemporary format ……. like what is cooler than studying in a bistro style surrounding ….. provide a comfortable, attractive place to hang out and study! Let the creative juices flow and the ideas churn! ENERGi™ Teaming Tables are available in both Sitting/Chair height and Stand Up/Stool height. These two styles can be used together to add a Stepped Design element to a Library study/research area with or without computer terminals. The Virco Civitas Stools are a favorite pairing for these Stand Up Stations as well as the Virco ZUMA chair range for the chair sitting height version. We are Refreshing Space @tradewestedu!