Save The Floors While Reducing Classroom Noise

A WIN-WIN... Save the floors while reducing the classroom noise. Simple and inexpensive but highly effective solutions for protecting costly floor surfaces. Easy to install with immediate results. ENERGI Felt Tip Floor Saver Caps that stop classroom chairs from grinding grit and grime into freshly polished floor surfaces. Same goes for the ENERGI Single Wheel Neoprene Chair Casters. All mobile chairs come with caster wheels meant for carpeted floor surfaces - using these on a waxed or polished floor will do immediate and potentially permanent damage. The affordable and effective solution is the ENERGI Single Wheel Casters. With non-marking wheels and enhanced ball-bearing actions will ensure your floors have that added measure of protection!

Classroom Chair Sizing Tips

This is not an exact science, and yes there are always exceptions, but we have found the following matrix to work well when sizing stack chairs in classrooms.

Pre-School: 12"

Kindergarten to Grade 2: 14"

Grades 3 to 4: 16"

Grades 6 through 12: 18"

The 18" Chair is also used in adult use areas such as Auditoriums and Gymnasiums.

Wobble Stools, Wiggle Stools, 3D Motion Stools - so many names!

This ingenious little stool is a classroom favorite because of its dynamic, natural movement capabilities, and hey - it's neat looking to boot!

Along with the ZUMA Rocker Chair and ZUMA Cantilever Chairs the ENERGI Motion Stool rounds out the trifecta of flex seating that is being successfully implemented in thousands of classrooms across the country. Available in four sizes: 12", 15", 18", 20"

Mobile Classroom Storage Millwork

Many new Educational Facilities are being finished without built in storage in the classroom – this is actually a benefit, as historically much built in shelving was dysfunctional and poorly positioned. ENERGi™ Mobile Classroom Storage is the answer! It is multi-purpose, reconfigurable and always wherever you want it! Available with or without locking doors and we have a Mobile Tote Storage option available as well. Whether you are looking to secure classroom supplies, give students some personal storage or developing a Classroom Library, ENERGi™ has the mobile storage option you need!

Stackable Lounge Chair for School Libraries

The stackable OFFI lounge chair is an awesome Flexible Seating option for school libraries. It can be used in a variety of configurations for student of all ages and is especially conducive to circular Campfire Seating arrangements which work well for story time or group discussions.

We Can All Benefit from Standing up a Bit More in Our Work Environment

Whether we are in the workplace parked at a workstation desk or in a classroom sitting at a student desk, we all need a stand up place we can transition to for a period of time to reduce back strain caused by poor sitting posture, poor seating options or just simply just a WAY TO GET THE WIGGLES OUT!

Rock into the New School Year with our Awesome Range of VIRCO ZUMA ROCKERS!

The addition of the new and ultimately hip VIRCO FLOOR ROCKERS was a welcome breath of fresh air to the classroom FLEX SEATING segment. We finally have a high quality, comfortable, commercial grade seating product in the floor rocker category for you!

ENERGi™ will be Releasing its TEAMING TABLE Range

ENERGi™ will be releasing its TEAMING TABLE range shortly and is pleased to announce it will be adding power and data options. This means that by adding Teaming Tables to your Public Seating Area or Learning Commons you will now be creating a “Charging Station” for the growing mass of electronic devices that always seem to need a boost! 

Launching the New ENERGi™ COG Ottoman

We are pleased to launch the new ENERGi™ COG ottoman. This latest addition to the Soft Seating Ottoman line is going to be great! This uniquely shaped piece is very reconfigurable, allowing for multiple set up options and it works in conjunction with the ENERGi™ BENCH and ARC modules too!