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Plaza Project Trade West


Trade West incorporates an integrated approach to commercial interiors. We have established our Architectural and Building Specialty Products Group to bring high-design, high-quality products to the marketplace.

Our team possesses deep manufacturing knowledge and hands-on project experience in all industry markets we serve.

Our complete product portfolio includes Legrand Solarfective Roller Blinds, Rollershades, Window Shades & Coverings, Architectural Glass Walls, ENERGI Locker Systems, ENERGI Wall-Mount Boot Racks, Overshoe Racks, Mobile Boot Racks, Security Shutters, Lab Casework/Millwork, School Furnishings and more.

Inspirational Building Specialties.

LEGRAND™ Solarfective Rollershades | Manual & Motorized Shades | Locker Systems | Wallmount Boot Rack Systems

Trade West Legrand Window Rollershades_Alfa Romeo
Trade West Blue Cross Legrand Solarfective
Trade West Lockers for Schools
Trade West Solarfective Legrand Shades
Trade West Solarfective Legrand Shades_Audi
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