FROVI Furniture
for social spaces
new to North America

Frovi Furnishings for SOCIAL SPACES. Cafe Spaces, Retail Spaces, Airport and Transit Spaces, Reception Spaces, Lounge Spaces, Libraries Spaces and more. Please take a moment to review and brainstorm how you could envision, transform and refresh your space.

Acoustic Phone Booths, Modern Seating, Side Chairs, Pod Seating, Cafe Tables and Chairs, Modular Seating, Booth Seating, Standing Height Tables, Charging Stations, Beam Seating, Airport Seating, Reception Seating, Reception Desk Counters, Cube Seating, Cylinder Seating, Shape Seating, Acoustic Wall Panels, Side Tables, Coffee Tables and more.

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OFFICE spaces

Making the connection between people and their space. Helping you perform daily tasks efficiently. Striking that first impression on a prospective client. Corporate office furniture plays a critical role in the life of any organization. Our broad range of products will fulfill the many roles in your facility, from subtle elegance in the executive suites to the functional requirements of management and clerical spaces.


Click on the below link for a comprehensive periodical e- catalogue guide showcasing some of our great new products - Premium Office Chairs, Office Seating, Modern Office Workstations, Contemporary Reception Desking, Reception Seating, High Performance Seating, High Quality Office Seating, 24 Hour Seating, Value Seating, Retro Design Seating, Training Room Seating, All Mesh Seating, Modular Seating, Coop Seating, Collaborative Seating, Flip Top Tables, Nesting Tables, Motorised Table Bases, Electric Height Tables, 21st Century workspaces, In Motion Seating, Active Sitting Equipment, Open Office Plans, Organic Workspaces, Panel Systems, Conference Tables, Boardroom Tables, Ball Chairs, Cube Seating, Ottomans and much more...


Any questions or information required please contact us directly : or 1-800-567-9998

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SCHOOL spaces

Since 1986 Trade West has been refreshing educational spaces. From designing and space planning through to complete project delivery.

We understand that an inspiring and dynamic learning environment is one of the key components of a quality educational experience. Whether you are maintaining a traditional layout or reaching out for classrooms of the 21st Century and universal learning environments, Trade West has the product range to fit the need.

We have worked closely with educators and designers to develop and produce products that assist with inclusion and self-regulation strategies, ensuring a healthy solution for every student.

Click on the periodical e-catalogue overview showcasing some of our great new and existing school furniture products - Classroom Furnishings for 21st Century Learning Environments, Classroom Furnishings for Traditional Learning Environments, Classroom Chairs, Classroom Desks, Classroom Tables, Classroom Bean Bags, Standing Height Desks, Sit Stand Desks, Self-Regulation, Response To Intervention Strategies, Cantilever Chairs, Wobble Stools, InMotion Seating, Classroom-in-Motion products, modular and collaborative furnishings, Locking and Mobile Tote Storage units and much more...

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Coming Spring 2018...

TRADE WEST | refreshing space™ is pleased to show off the latest additions to our #FlexSeating lineup. 

Floor Rockers, 3D Rocking Mechanism Task and 4 Legged Chairs. Stay Tuned.


Our commitment is to provide only the best for you and your patients. We understand the level of care and time that is needed in care-giving enviroments to ensure your patients are welcome, feel at home and well looked after. At Trade West we do our part - providing great service, product expertise and quality you can depend on.

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The comfort and well-being of your guests is primary.

At Trade West we create hospitality solutions to do exactly that. Make your guests feel welcome, at home and comfortable with furniture ready for any kind of event you may be hosting.

We provide furniture solutions that are quick to set-up and tear-down, and can take care of your guests needs from the youngest to the oldest.

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Trade West offers an impressive array of unique, timeless design and exceptional quality of indoor and outdoor furniture. Our series' range from traditional, transitional and contemporary, to cater any style and setting.

Our comprehensive line of industrial spec furniture can be seen worldwide, from 5-star luxury hotels to top-ranked restaurants, from Schools to Olympics venues. Trade West is poised to create the ideal setting with comfort and elegance to achieve the ultimate.

Our unparalleled dedications and aspirations to design integrity, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, have firmly established our respected brands in the industry that blend beauty and comfort seamlessly - providing you with years of enjoyment.


Trade West incorporates an integrated approach to commercial interiors. We have established our Architectural and Building Specialty Products Group to bring high-design, high-quality products to the marketplace. Our team possesses deep manufacturing knowledge and hands-on project experience in all industry markets.

Our complete product portfolio includes Window Shades & Coverings, Architectural Glass Walls, Locker Systems, Security Shutters, Lab Casework/Millwork, Commercial Washroom Facility Systems and much more...

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